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Mandalas crop up in so many walks of life. This site aims to cover it all, so if you are interested in Mandalas then this is the site for you.

How To Draw a Mandala

I first discovered about them when I was working with PeopleMaps and studying Jungian Psychology. Jung was a great believer in their power. There was a period in his life where he created a new mandala every day. He kept them all in his Red Book. I bought my own copy of this a while back because it’s just so inspirational.

how to draw mandalas

We will look at everything from how to design Mandala Tattoo, through to Jung Mandalas.

For many their introduction to this subject came about when thinking about getting a tattoo. And there is some incredible tattoo artists using this style of art.

If you are just getting started and want to know how to draw a mandala then just sign up for the free mandala class – you will love it.

The free class is quite amazing and is the very best place to start. So as soon as you have had a good browse around the site, grab yourself a bargain and let me show you something truly amazing.

Everyone has their own idea as to what this type of art really is but I doubt you will realise the full extent of what you can achieve with it.

Not only will you discover dozens of examples of amazing looking Mandala Art, you will also discover how to create your own as we even include details on mandala coloring pages.  Mandala colouring is easy and fun and it’s usually how most people get started. However you will be amazed at how artistic you really are and by the time you are finished the free lesson you will have designed art you wouldn’t have believed possible.

How To Draw Mandala Designs

There is no shortage of printable mandalas for you to use.

You may even be looking for the mandala meaning for it’s true that deep meaning can be found in many mandalas, not just Buddhist mandalas. There is deep meaning in this art form.

Mandala is originally a Sanskrit word and it is often used to symbolise the universe. It is a common feature in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is usually a circle but not strictly.

Mandala Drawing

As I mentioned earlier Jung spent years of his life studying the meanings he drew from his art. You will be amazed at what you discover about yourself.

Mandala art has fascinated humans for thousands of years, from the sand mandala to the mandala flower. So regardless of where you are coming from, you will discover a whole new world or art opening up to you. The MandalaWalla is dedicated to bringing you the very best of this art in all its wonderful shapes and forms.

Mandala Templates

If you have anything that you would like to recommend then please use the contact form and get in touch. The curator will have a look, especially if it is on how to draw a mandala, and add it if it fits within this sites theme.

The History of Mandala Art

People have been creating mandalas for thousands of years. It is a Sanskrit term that means “circle” and examples of it can be seen in most ancient civilisations but particularly in China, Tibet and India.

The symbolism is very strong and some people have made a life’s work out of studying just one form. For example, the Tai Chi symbol can be considered to be a mandala and it is full of meaning. As a symbol it is used to describe everything from philosophy to martial arts.

Tibet is strongly associated with mandala art and Tantric Buddhism has made great use of them for hundreds of years.